UIAGM Alpine Guide

UIAGM Alpine Guide

The alpine guide UIAGM Aldo Cambiolo is conventioned with Refuge Arbolle and can take our clients on high mountain adventourous tracks, in safety, with exceptional prices; he is also an experienced fisherman and can take you fishing on wonderful alpine lakes.

Below you’ll find 5 interesting proposal on the five crests of  3559 mt of Mont Emilus, in the very heart of Valle d’Aosta, for every kind of unexperienced or fully experienced and equipped hikers:

Monte Emilius - South-West Crest

It divides Comboè Valley from Arbolle Valley: it starts directly from refuge: amusing and easy passages will take you to Col Ros; from here you’ll climb the summit of pyramid reaching the Petit Emilius and the via ferrata.

Max 2 persons/guide

Price 200 € (All safety equipments are included)

Monte Emilius - West-North-West Crest

It’s the long crest that goes from Becca di Nona to Mount Emilius. On this crest you’ll find an amusing and panoramic via ferrata, with a passage on a wonderful tibetan bridge.

Max 5 person/guide

Price: 300 € (All safety equipments are included)

Monte Emilius - South crest or Crest of Tre Cappuccini (Via normale from Arbolle)

This the easiest crest for reaching Mont Emilius’ summit. It’s a wild track with an unbeatable view on whole Aosta Valley.

Max 5 persons/guide

Price 150 € (All safety equipments are included)

Monte Emilius - East Crest (Via normale from Laures Valley)

Long panoramic crest, easy but long walking way trough Col d’Arbolle and Col Laures with amusing and easy passages with an incredible view on the East face of Mount Emilius, maybe the most vertical face of Aosta Valley.

Max 3 person/guide

Price 150€ (All safety equipments are included)

Monte Emilius - North-West Crest or Via dei Tre Curati

This is the most challenging crest of Mount Emilius. It divides the north face  from the east face; it presents some exposed tracts with passages of IV°. Approaching is very long and you’ll have to leave from refuge Arbolle during the night with frontal lights; it goes trough Col d’Arbolle and Col Laures to nearly circumnavigate the whole mountain. Adventure guaranteed!

Max 1 person/guide

Price 200 € (Equipmente is NOT included; this track is dedicated to experienced and equipped climbers, owning their own equipment).