Escursioni e alpinismo

Escursioni e alpinismo

  • Via Normale to Mount Emilius: difficulty EE, time taken 6-7 hours, steepness of ascent 1000 mt; itinerary 14; characteristics: return on same trail, presence of many exposed tracts. 

  • Becca di Nona: difficulty E, time taken 4-5 hours, steepness of ascent 1300 mt, itinerary n° 14-16-16a, characteristics: wonderful and easy round track. 

  • Round trip Testa nera, Punta Valletta, Col Tsa Tzeche, Col Garin: difficulty EEA, time taken 6 hours, steepness of ascent 900 mt, itinerary n° 14-19°-2-TVC-18; characteristics: round trip with some passages iron-equipped.  

  • Colle dei Tre Cappuccini/Lago Gelato: difficulty: EE, time taken 4-5 hours, steepness of ascent: 720 mt, itinerary n° 14: characteristic: return on same track with some exposed tracts on last steps; large alpine panorama!       

  • Round trip Alpe Comboè, Plan Fenetre, Lago Chamolè: difficulty E, time taken 5-6 hours, steepness of ascent 650 mt, itinerary n° 14-18-16-102; characteristics: round trip between woods and alpages (with possibility of local cheese-tastes).  

  • Tour Vallee de Cogne: difficulty T, time taken 5-6 hours + bus 20 mins from Epinel to Aosta -Pila lift parking; steepness of ascent 300 mt; itinerary TVC; characteristics: crossing between Arbolle Valley and Cogne Valley, great panorama with 90% downhill track.  

  • Tour Saint Marcel Valley: difficulty E, time taken 9-10 hours (till Plout Sanctuary), steepness of ascent 700 mt; itinerary 102-4-6a-4g-4; very long but exceptional crossing trough two of most beautiful Valle d'Aosta valleys; it can be useful dividing the crossing in two days by sleeping at Menabreaz bivuac on Laures lake.